Delay and Grandparenthood

A couple of months ago, the NYT had a long piece about people waiting longer to have children. The age of first birth has been climbing steadily for decades and so there is nothing especially new in the piece. Nonetheless, because the topic pushes on certain sensitive cultural and family topics, it naturally generated a… Continue reading Delay and Grandparenthood

Picking a Health Insurance Plan

I have changed health insurance plans three times in the last 18 months. This was not because I wanted to, but because when people change jobs in America, they lose their insurance and have to sign up for new insurance. This involuntary insurance churn happens virtually non-stop to the half of Americans that use the… Continue reading Picking a Health Insurance Plan

Why Care About History Class?

The initial frenzy about critical race theory in schools seems to be giving way to a much more legible fight about what is taught in high school American history classes (Douthat, Snyder). This evolution makes sense as critical race theory — an area of legal and philosophical scholarship that excavates and then debates the relevance… Continue reading Why Care About History Class?

Critical Race Theory

Conservative hucksters have recently seized upon something called “critical race theory” (CRT) and started acting like it is permeating itself through the cultural reproduction sectors — education, media, and entertainment. They then make calls to protect these sectors from CRT, which provides another wedge issue for especially state and local elected officials to run on.… Continue reading Critical Race Theory

The Anti-Bigness Ideology

Over at Slow Boring, Matt Yglesias has a piece arguing that Amazon is not a monopoly and that a lot of what passes for anti-monopoly discourse is actually anti-bigness discourse. I agree with Yglesias on this point. Not all anti-monopoly advocates are motivated by anti-bigness per se, but many of them are, and this can… Continue reading The Anti-Bigness Ideology