Brad Wilcox’s Wife

Brad Wilcox is an amusing situation where he’s trying to promote a new book he wrote about marriage right after Melissa Kearney released a basically identical book and exhausted all of the media attention available for such things. One of his book-promotion strategies appears to be picking on me every so often on Twitter, which… Continue reading Brad Wilcox’s Wife

An Interest in Being Unique

Matt Yglesias has a piece at Slow Boring about the attitudinal differences between socialists and anarchists. In his telling, socialists are focused on building alternative non-capitalist institutions, which often includes boring, technical administrative challenges, while anarchists are focused on negating or disrupting capitalist institutions, which is a kind of anti-politics that mostly aims at being… Continue reading An Interest in Being Unique

I Filed Charges Against Cumulus Media for Maintaining 17 Illegal Handbook Rules

Today, I personally filed an unfair labor practice charge against Cumulus Media, Inc. The charge alleges that the company maintains an employee handbook containing 17 rules that violate Section 8(a)(1) of the National Labor Relations Act. Below, I have uploaded the charge, a complaint from a federal district court case that helps prove the authenticity… Continue reading I Filed Charges Against Cumulus Media for Maintaining 17 Illegal Handbook Rules

Dysfunctional Coalition Politics

Matt Yglesias has a piece titled Against Murder-Suicide Politics where he criticizes the left for threatening or actually withholding electoral support from Democrats who do not pursue their desired policies. Yglesias starts the piece by establishing what he thinks is normal and productive behavior within a political coalition by pointing to how the right-wing of… Continue reading Dysfunctional Coalition Politics