The Joe Biden Policy Platform

Joe Biden put up an issues page on his campaign website late last month. I have been publicly wondering when, if ever, we would get some kind of formal policy platform from Biden, and so I am happy to see that now there is one. Unfortunately, Biden’s list of issues does not really contain much… Continue reading The Joe Biden Policy Platform

A Personal Case for College Admissions Exams

Yale announced today that it will reinstate a requirement that applicants to the school submit scores from a standardized college admissions exam. Yale says that making these tests optional is harming low-income students whose scores could have helped them get in. Over at People’s Policy Project, we have occasionally published articles about college admissions exams,… Continue reading A Personal Case for College Admissions Exams

Brad Wilcox’s Wife

Brad Wilcox is an amusing situation where he’s trying to promote a new book he wrote about marriage right after Melissa Kearney released a basically identical book and exhausted all of the media attention available for such things. One of his book-promotion strategies appears to be picking on me every so often on Twitter, which… Continue reading Brad Wilcox’s Wife

An Interest in Being Unique

Matt Yglesias has a piece at Slow Boring about the attitudinal differences between socialists and anarchists. In his telling, socialists are focused on building alternative non-capitalist institutions, which often includes boring, technical administrative challenges, while anarchists are focused on negating or disrupting capitalist institutions, which is a kind of anti-politics that mostly aims at being… Continue reading An Interest in Being Unique