Logical Syllogism Showing That Corbyn Proves the Left Is Correct

I. Premise
Zack Beauchamp clearly established this as the proper test:

“The reason we are losing ground to the right today is because the message of what socialism is and what it can achieve in people’s daily lives has been steadily diluted,” Corbyn said in a March 2016 speech. “Unless progressive parties and movements break with that failed economic and political establishment it is the siren voices of the populist far-right that will fill the gap.”

Corbyn’s year-plus of Labour leadership has been something of a test case for this theory. So far, it has failed utterly.

II. Fact
In the 2017 election, Jeremy Corbyn’s party stunned the world by picking up 30 seats, and increasing its vote share by 9.5 points.

III. Proof

  1. If Corbyn does well, then that proves the theory that leftist economic populism can reverse the trend of losing ground to the right (Beauchamp 2017).
  2. Corbyn did well (BBC 2017).
  3. Therefore, leftist economic populism can reverse the trend of losing ground to the right.
  • TheBrett

    One election isn’t a trend. Unless the Conservative-UDP coalition collapses (forcing new elections), it won’t be until 2022 that Labour gets another shot at taking control. Can Corbyn and his folks keep it together until then?

  • One instance is never a trend, but when it’s the most recent instance, it’s news, and if you agree with it, it’s cause for hope.

  • essaywhuman

    theres no way that gov will last until 2022, it would be the slimmest majority possible and DUP are far-right fanatics, labour’s momentum and may’s disgrace should force a new election soon

  • Grace Note

    There is no way on God’s little green earth (with no dinosaurs or climate change, alllegedy) that the DUP/CON alliance can last five years. If it’s still intact by the end of the year I won’t be the only one who is gobsmacked.