Fairlife Refuses to Inflate Prices

In order to get more protein in my diet, I frequently consume Fairlife Nutrition Plan protein shakes. They have 150 calories, 30 grams of protein, and taste just like chocolate milk. It’s a great product, but, at the prices Fairlife charges for the shakes, demand regularly outstrips supply, making it quite difficult to actually find… Continue reading Fairlife Refuses to Inflate Prices

More on Inflation and Profits

Over the past few months, various authors at various institutions — specifically Oscar Arce, Elke Hahn and Gerrit Koester at the ECB, Andrew Glover, José Mustre-del-Río and Alice von Ende-Becker at the Kansas City Federal Reserve, and Paul Donovan at UBS — have written pieces about the relationship between profits and the most recent bout… Continue reading More on Inflation and Profits

Is National Public Radio Actually National Private Radio?

Public broadcasting is extremely common in the world. Wikipedia’s incomplete list of public broadcasters by country lists over 300 public broadcasting outlets across nearly every country in the world, including “major broadcasters” in the United Kingdom (BBC), Australia (ABC), Canada (CBC/SRC), and the United States (PBS/NPR). Despite the prevalence of public broadcasting in the world,… Continue reading Is National Public Radio Actually National Private Radio?

Equality and Equity

Over the last decade or so, a confused idea that started in the nonprofit sector has gradually seeped into liberal discourse more generally. According to this idea, “equality” is bad or inadequate and what we need instead is something called “equity.” Bernie Sanders was asked to explain the difference between them on Real Time this… Continue reading Equality and Equity