Does the Tuskegee Experiment Really Explain Black Vaccination Rates?

Black vaccination rates lag the rest of the country, according to data from the Census Household Pulse Survey and other similar sources. One common explanation for this in the discourse is that black people are skeptical of the vaccine because of prior historical events in which they were abused and experimented upon by the US… Continue reading Does the Tuskegee Experiment Really Explain Black Vaccination Rates?

Is Decommodification Socialism?

In a piece that was mostly about something else, Freddie deBoer had this to say about socialism, the welfare state, and decommodification: Since I am a grumpy old man, I will not relent in saying that anything that calls itself socialism must, as the end of the day, point towards decommodification. That is, what separates… Continue reading Is Decommodification Socialism?

Norway, Oil, and Climate

Branko Milanovic had an interesting piece over at his blog about Norway’s production of oil. The piece observes that Norway is perhaps the most aggressive country in the world when it comes to climate change policies, both domestically and internationally, but is also a significant producer of oil in the world. From there, Milanovic teases… Continue reading Norway, Oil, and Climate

Picking a Health Insurance Plan

I have changed health insurance plans three times in the last 18 months. This was not because I wanted to, but because when people change jobs in America, they lose their insurance and have to sign up for new insurance. This involuntary insurance churn happens virtually non-stop to the half of Americans that use the… Continue reading Picking a Health Insurance Plan