I Filed Charges Against Cumulus Media for Maintaining 17 Illegal Handbook Rules

Today, I personally filed an unfair labor practice charge against Cumulus Media, Inc. The charge alleges that the company maintains an employee handbook containing 17 rules that violate Section 8(a)(1) of the National Labor Relations Act. Below, I have uploaded the charge, a complaint from a federal district court case that helps prove the authenticity… Continue reading I Filed Charges Against Cumulus Media for Maintaining 17 Illegal Handbook Rules

Dysfunctional Coalition Politics

Matt Yglesias has a piece titled Against Murder-Suicide Politics where he criticizes the left for threatening or actually withholding electoral support from Democrats who do not pursue their desired policies. Yglesias starts the piece by establishing what he thinks is normal and productive behavior within a political coalition by pointing to how the right-wing of… Continue reading Dysfunctional Coalition Politics

Why Did Noah Smith Post This?

Noah Smith wrote a piece at his newsletter (which I generally find interesting) titled “Western leftists have lost the plot” where he collects a handful of extreme reactions to the recent Hamas attack and then pivots to psychoanalyzing why the Left has reacted this way. The short of it is that the Left, in his… Continue reading Why Did Noah Smith Post This?


When you are in the discourse for as long as I have been, you start to spot certain patterns of discursive behavior. One such pattern is that groups of people who are loosely affiliated in some way will create and then reinforce myths and misinterpretations about individuals and institutions that don’t make any sense. What’s… Continue reading Alarmgate