Is Decommodification Socialism?

In a piece that was mostly about something else, Freddie deBoer had this to say about socialism, the welfare state, and decommodification: Since I am a grumpy old man, I will not relent in saying that anything that calls itself socialism must, as the end of the day, point towards decommodification. That is, what separates… Continue reading Is Decommodification Socialism?

Weird UBI Argument About Rents

I am not that interested in arguing about UBI on a day-to-day basis, but I’ve now seen one silly argument against it enough times that I feel compelled to intervene. The argument is this: In fact, workers may not even see much of the benefit of their UBI check: if their new gains are simply… Continue reading Weird UBI Argument About Rents

Why would rich disabled parents spoof their kid’s disability?

Terrence McCoy has a long piece in the Washington Post about multi-generational disability. Or, more accurately, a piece about one family McCoy spent a few days with. The only parts of the piece that try to quantify multi-generational disability make very little sense. Households with multiple family members on disability From the article: As the… Continue reading Why would rich disabled parents spoof their kid’s disability?