What Did Dobbs Actually Accomplish?

The strategy of the institutional anti-abortion movement over the last 50 years has been to overturn the Supreme Court’s creation of a constitutional right to abortion and then change the state laws that govern the practice of abortion so as to make them more strict. This strategy was nominally aimed at reducing number of abortions… Continue reading What Did Dobbs Actually Accomplish?

The Paycheck Protection Program Did Not Really Provide Loans

In the discourse about Biden’s student debt forgiveness announcement, one common talking point has been that many people recently benefited from the forgiving of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans. This seems to be fairly effective rhetoric, but it’s a little bit misleading. When COVID hit, Congress scrambled to pass a relief bill called the CARES… Continue reading The Paycheck Protection Program Did Not Really Provide Loans

Normie Politics

I read this piece from Freddie deBoer today about the importance of normie politics, which he defines as: A politics that plays to the electorate’s sense of normalcy and which assuages their fundamental fear of change through symbol. Normie politics is not inherently moderate but rather presents its positions and candidates as commonsensical and in keeping… Continue reading Normie Politics


When abortion policy is in the news, I always get a few dozen messages from people who are mad at me. Their anger doesn’t make much sense as I have never been anti-abortion. From what I can gather, these people are actually angry at my wife. But this anger also doesn’t make much sense. Liz… Continue reading Abortion