OECD poverty animation for 2010

A while ago, I had a post with an animation showing how much countries reduce their poverty rates with taxes and transfers. I have recreated that animation with a new stock of data coming from the OECD for 2010. It features 26 countries.

Each dot represents a country (hover over to see which). The dots are colored from red to blue with red being the country with the most pre-transfer, pre-tax (pre-T&T) poverty and blue being the country with the least. Before the animation begins, the countries are lined up according to their pre-T&T poverty rates. When you start the animation, the dots move right in accordance with just how much poverty is being reduced by T&T. They wind up vertically according to their post-T&T poverty rates. Click around to see all you can do. Ignore the 1900/1901 stuff: it’s a software limitation.

Poverty here is defined as an income below 50% of the median income for the country.