Economic injustice continues to plague women

I have another post on Oklahomans for Reproductive Justice. Check it out. Here is an excerpt:

By themselves, poverty and the wage gap create significant barriers for women trying to obtain reproductive healthcare services. These barriers are made even stronger by the fact that women’s healthcare needs cost more than men’s healthcare needs, especially in the realm of reproduction. Paying women less money than men — so little in millions of cases that they must live in poverty — while also charging them more for healthcare access is an obvious problem. But it gets even worse: nearly 1 in 5 women have no health insurance at all.

Even if organizers manage to keep access to reproductive healthcare legal in Oklahoma, it will not be genuinely accessible for large numbers women until we also eradicate the economic injustice that continues to plague women. High rates of poverty, the wage gap, higher healthcare costs, and the lack of health insurance — all of which affect certain women of color at vastly disproportionate levels — will guarantee the inaccessibility of reproductive healthcare in any legal climate.