Changing my blogging style

So far I have been mainly trying to produce pieces that are consistent with the usual newspaper and magazine styles of opinion writing. I have decided that this style has too much downside and almost no upside. It takes a significant amount of time to stylize it in that manner. Unless you are really interested in the topic, it is pretty boring to read also. I could go on.

Instead of that, I think I am going to move towards the more modern blogging style, i.e. shorter pieces written more quickly that hope to be more interesting to read. I will probably go back to a more polemical style that I have used in other places before. That seems to be more interesting to others and generally amuses me more anyways.

So, be on the look out for that stuff. If you have looked at this occasionally, and liked the ideas, but were a bit bored by the style in which they were conveyed, give it another shot. Get an email subscription, add me to your rss reader, or follow my twitter.

More to come.