More Job Guarantee Muddle

The Center for American Progress wrote a post today advocating for a job guarantee. As with similar posts written by others sympathetic to the idea, the CAP proposal was muddled and failed to offer any plausible jobs that could actually be offered in a JG program. When you clear out the bloat, the proposal is… Continue reading More Job Guarantee Muddle

How To Use Single Payer Healthcare As Trojan Horse For A Good Welfare State

Currently, total health expenditures in the US make up around 17% of GDP. The average for the OECD is 9.3%. Around half of our healthcare spending is public while the other half is private. Thus, very roughly speaking, to shift all of the current healthcare expenditures onto the public health insurance, you’d need initially to… Continue reading How To Use Single Payer Healthcare As Trojan Horse For A Good Welfare State

Here Come the Idiots

One of the things I am not looking forward to in the coming elections are people who become sudden experts on the Nordic Model and the social democratic history of the Nordic countries. Partisans of various stripes, uninterested in understanding how the Nordic countries actually developed, will mobilize their considerable googling skills to conclude whatever… Continue reading Here Come the Idiots

Issues With The Job Guarantee

The Job Guarantee (JG) is a policy whereby the government guarantees public jobs to all people at a decent wage. It is meant to function like an employer of last resort. I have raised concerns with this idea elsewhere, but have never written a post about it. So let me lay out those concerns here.… Continue reading Issues With The Job Guarantee