Jacobinghazi Recap

An anonymous emailer at jacobinghazi@gmail.com sent me this remarkable recap of the tornado of unhinged lunacy that was the Jacobinghazi affair. I uploaded the images to imgur. They appear to read in order as a story. It seems largely accurate, though I’ve never used Stata. CLICK HERE FOR THE IMAGES

More opportunistic misreads

I wrote previously about the dust up caused by Sarah Kendzior’s penchant for intentionally misreading things. She does that a lot. It’s pretty silly. Anyways, she’s at it again: Last RT is re: Elizabeth Stoker, who said that I had to be “disciplined” through “character assassination”, as I received rape threats This tweet is in… Continue reading More opportunistic misreads

Opportunistic Misreads

In my prior post, I commented on Amber A’Lee Frost’s recent piece in Jacobin. As an addendum to that, I thought I might address the issue of Sarah Kendzior’s reaction to this piece. In the piece, Frost writes at one point: And I just don’t think the diminutive label of “bro” should be to describe… Continue reading Opportunistic Misreads

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