Reihan LOL

Reihan Salam wrote a piece against using non-market incomes to reduce poverty. A critical part of the piece claims that this doesn’t reduce poverty under the official poverty metric because that metric only tracks earnings: The official poverty measure is very useful because it tells us how much people are earning. Anyone remotely competent knows… Continue reading Reihan LOL

What Do Journalists Do?

The latest edition of Jacobin came with a wonderful piece from Jennifer Pan about the public relations industry, journalism’s treatment of it, gendered labor, emotional labor, and so on. You should read the piece. It’s very good. At one point, Pan discusses the reaction journalists had to an article titled “11 Things the Media Does… Continue reading What Do Journalists Do?

On FiveThirtyEight

Nate Silver launched FiveThirtyEight this week along with a really long manifesto. In it, he attacks a lot of other journalism and especially opinion writers. This is easy to do because a lot of journalism is pretty bad, often for the reasons he provides. A number of other writers did not take kindly to Silver… Continue reading On FiveThirtyEight