How many trans people are there?

I was curious about this question and in my search for an answer, I found this Williams Institute report, which appears to be the best summary of the various surveys and estimates out there. The other literature on this question pegs the percent of the adult population who identify as transgender between 0.1% and 0.5%.… Continue reading How many trans people are there?

The Myth of Marriage and Inequality at OK4RJ

I have a new post over at Oklahomans for Reproductive Justice. It draws on some of my previous posts here, and discusses the ridiculous rhetoric surrounding marriage and inequality. Check it out.

The gender pay gap really does matter

Feminism has evolved significantly in the last few decades. Gone are the milquetoast second-wave emphases on liberal equality. The newest approach focuses on the overlapping oppression suffered by all sorts of identity groups. As part of this shift, certain issues have been discarded, and others de-emphasized. For instance, the rather white upper-class concerns about the… Continue reading The gender pay gap really does matter