Democrats Who Disenfranchise

Two election process topics have dominated the discourse in the last couple of months. The first is HR1, a Democratic initiative that would, among other things, expand same-day voter registration, automatic voter registration, vote-by-mail and and early voting. The second is the Georgia voting law, a Republican initiative that would, among other things, make it harder to… Continue reading Democrats Who Disenfranchise

Alabama Part II

I wrote a post yesterday pointing out that the real story of Doug Jones’s upset in Alabama was the inordinate amount of white support for the Democratic candidate. In support of this position, I used the 2008 and 2012 exit polls to show that black turnout was no different in 2017 than those years, and… Continue reading Alabama Part II

What actually happened in Alabama?

The overwhelming mainstream narrative of Doug Jones’s victory over Roy Moore in Alabama has been focused on black turnout. Here is the New York Times: According to CNN exit polling, 30 percent of the electorate was African-American, with 96 percent of them voting for Mr. Jones. (Mr. Jones’s backers had felt he needed to get… Continue reading What actually happened in Alabama?

Young People Are the Future

One major reason to be excited about the near-successes of socialists like Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn is the age composition of their supporters. Here is Corbyn’s support from the Thursday election: Here is Bernie’s support from the Democratic primary: In the next 4 years, over 10 million Americans will die, most of them high-turnout… Continue reading Young People Are the Future